The Last Ocean
로스해: 최후의 바다
  • 기후변화와 미래
Synopsis The Ross Sea is the most pristine stretch of ocean on Earth and a vast, frozen landscape that teems with life - whales, seals and penguins carving out a place on the very edge of existence. But an international fishing fleet has recently found its way to the Ross Sea. It is targeting Antarctic toothfish, sold in upmarket restaurants around the world. The catch is so lucrative it is known as white gold. A scientist AINLEY rallies his fellow scientists and meets up with a photographer and New Zealand filmmaker who also share a deep passion for this pristine corner of the world and begin a campaign to protect Earth’s last untouched ocean from our insatiable appetite for fish.
Peter YOUNG 피터 영
Peter YOUNG established Fisheye Films and has worked as a freelance director and cameraman. He has credits in well over a hundred television documentaries, among them BBC Blue Planet Series and a Giant Squid documentary for prime time Discovery Channel.
Director Peter YOUNG
Country New Zealand
Year 2012
Running Time 87'
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule