The Last Kings of the Arctic
마지막 이누이트: 나누크의 후예
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Synopsis Sitting on top of the earth is one of the most inhospitable environments on the planet. There are a few men who have learned to survive in this intense and frozen world. We call these men the ‘King of the Arctic’. From up high, they watch as the rest of humanity causes the global warming which is slowly attacking their own territory. Some of them dream of finding gold or petrol beneath their feet whilst others prepare to go hunting hoping to ensure the survival of their clan.
Christophe COUSIN 크리스토프 쿠잔
Christophe COUSIN has collaborated with France Televisions for many years as the director of Les Routes Mythiques and Echappees Melles shown on France 5, or on programs such as Faut pas Rever and Thalassa on France 3.
Director Christophe COUSIN
Country France
Year 2014
Running Time 48min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule