The Kid
  • 지구의 아이들
Synopsis Set in the loneliness and harshness of a fishing village, this crude drama discusses shredded love. An ensemble film which doesn’t limit itself to portraying the individuality of its characters, but rather focuses on the bond between them. That’s how three characters find each other and see their lives gear simultaneously in a different direction from that point on. The Kid, tells the story of Gonzalo, a 10-year-old boy whose mother is about to die and is left alone to take care of his 8-month-old sister. Adrift, he looks around for options of a home for his young sister. In his pilgrimage, he meets a traveler, a broken couple, and the owner of a former cabaret. This is the context of a shattered story which spins around the subjects of love, pain, family and desire.
Sergio MAZZA 세르지오 마짜
Sergio MAZZA completed his university studies at the University of Buenos Aires, taking a degree in Image and Sound Design, and took a vast quantity of art-specific courses and seminars. He dedicates himself to audiovisual directing and fine arts where he round out his education with teachers like Eduardo MEDICI and reached prestigious stages like the Salón Nacional de Artes Plasticas in 2007.
Director Sergio MAZZA
Country Argentina
Year 2014
Running Time 88min
Genre Fiction
Screening Schedule