The Island
그 섬
  • Eco Crisis in the Time of Climate Change
Synopsis Climate change is a problem not only for polar bears and islands in the Pacific Ocean but also for Jeju with its dramatic effects. The rate of sea-level rise around Jeju is accelerating faster than average. Rising ocean temperatures are contributing to desertification. Korean fir, a coniferous species of tree that grows at a high elevation in the Hallasan Mountain, is also dying off. Residents of Jeju will lose their residence due to sea-level rise. The warming of Earth will deprive us of our homes. Nevertheless, there is no other place to live apart from Planet Earth, the only “island” floating in the universe.
HWANG Ilsu 황일수
He graduated in MA Fine Art Degree at Chelsea college of Arts in London. The main theme on his artwork is the relation between ecology and human being. Currently, he works at Green Korea United as an environmental activist.
Director HWANG Ilsu
Country Korea
Year 2019
Running Time 20min
Genre Documentary
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Tel(+82) 02 747 8500