The Host
  • 가족의 모든 것
Synopsis A mysterious monster emerges form the depth of the Hangang River and starts attacking innocent people. Gang-du runs away from this messy scene with his daughter, Hyun-seo but accidently loses hold of her hand. The monster seizes the moment and snatches up Hyun-seo, taking her away as it dives back into the river. Without being able to get help from others, Gang-du and his family members resolve to save her on their own.
BONG Joon Ho 봉준호
From Barking Dogs Never Bite (2000), Memories of Murder (2003), The Host (2006) and Mother (2009) to the 2013 Snowpiercer which attracted international attention and swept numerous awards at various film festivals, filmmaker BONG Joon Ho has earned the title as Korea’s leading film director with these five features. BONG known for seducing the worldwide audience with his delicate directorial skills and unique approach to storytelling showcased his latest work Okja which combines various genres, humor, biting satire and drama.
Director BONG Joon Ho
Country Korea
Year 2006
Running Time 119min
Genre Fiction
Screening Schedule