The Horses of Fukushima
후쿠시마의 말들
  • 국제환경영화경선
Synopsis No one would have imagined the absurd fate awaiting Mirror’s Quest and his fellow horses of Fukushima. Almost
dying in the tsunami; exposed to radiation inside 20km of the nuclear meltdown; shut away in stables for months
because of governmental red tape. The horses are kept alive because of the role they must play in the grand
traditional horse festival, but they’ve become a headache for the authorities.
MATSUBAYASHI Yoju 마츠바야시 요주
Born 1979 in Fukuoka, Japan. In 2004, he completed his graduation film Dear Respectful Humans, a documentary about a homeless man. It was completed in 2009 as the film Flowers and Troops was acclaimed and received Yamaji Fumiko Film Prize and Tahara Soichiro Non-fiction Prize. His first feature documentary after the 3.11 tsunami and nuclear disaster Fukushima – Memories of the Lost Landscape was invited to Yamagata, Hong Kong, Edinburgh, and other film festivals.
Country Japan
Year 2013
Running Time 74min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule