The Horizon
  • International Competition
  • Generation Extinction
Synopsis On the northern outskirts of Paris, where housing projects rise out of fields, Adja, 18, burns with the desire to live intensely. While her brother breaks out as a pro soccer player, her best friend blows up as an influencer on social media, and her mother struggles to save her hometown in Senegal, Adja has only a blurred vision of her future. With Arthur, who becomes more than a friend, her political and environmental awareness rises, and Adja joins the fight of her generation.
Émilie CARPENTIER 에밀리 카르팡티에
A graduate in Modern Literature, she has also studied costume design, a profession she has since pursued in theatre and dance companies. In parallel, she wrote and directed two short films combining fiction and documentary.
Director Émilie CARPENTIER
Country France
Year 2021
Running Time 89min
Genre Fiction
  • Asian Premiere
Screening Schedule
  • DC12
Print Sources
NameLes Films du Losange