The Holiday
  • 한국 환경영화의 흐름 - 장편
Synopsis Yong-Suk suddenly visits his hometown, Tae-An after his 10 year's absence. People assume the reason why he came is because of his father who had committed suicide by taking poison. But,actually he doesn't have any interest in his father's funeral either his hometown. All he cares about is to leave for China by selling his dad's boat as soon as possible. While Yong-Suk stay in Tae-An, he has no choice but to share the same place with his stepbrother,8 year-old-boy, Yong-Soo. And he also gets to meet his first love, Yoon-Hee and Yoon-Hee's man ; Soon-Chul who is Yong-Suk's old friend.Yong-Suk wanders from place to place of his hometown following his memories, and as he face the view of his changed hometown and the traces of the spiritless hometown that had been made since the 'oil spillage' accident had occurred to the sea... Yong-Suk slowly begins to make cracks between people...
Kim Jin-moo 김진무
Director Kim Jin-moo
Country Korea
Year 2010
Running Time 95'
Genre Fiction
Screening Schedule