The Hidden Life of Trees
  • Special Screening: Forest Korea
Program Note When Peter WOHLLEBEN published his book The Hidden Life of Trees in 2015, he stormed all the bestseller charts overnight. No one had ever written about the German woods like the forester from the parish of Wershofen before. WOHLLEBEN tells us about the solidarity and cohesion of the trees and strikes a chord with his ever-growing community of readers. Are trees able to talk? Do they have a memory and a social life? WOHLLEBEN gets to the bottom of these questions and opens our eyes to the hidden world of the woods. [Screened at the 17th Seoul International Eco Film Festival]
He is one of the leading directors of documentaries in Germany. Several of his works focus on the artistic creative process, including On/Off the Record (2002). He was nominated for the German Film Award for Parents' School (2018).
Director Jörg ADOLPH
Country Germany
Year 2020
Running Time 97min
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NameGlobal Screen