The Heat: A Kitchen (R)evolution
부엌의 전사들
Synopsis Restaurant kitchens are a pressurized stew of brutal hours, high stress and sleep deprivation. Acting out goes with the territory and anyone lower on the totem pole is fair game. But the familiar macho posturing of celebrity chefs has reached a tipping point. Now with an influx of women at the helm of restaurants, and a younger generation unwilling to submit to the brutal conditions once considered the norm, the rules of “kitchen culture” as we know are being rewritten. The Heat takes viewers behind-the-scenes to meet pioneers who broke through the glass ceiling.
Maya GALLUS 마야 갈루스
Maya GALLUS is an award winning filmmaker recently honoured in 2017 at the Hot Docs International Film Festival with a “Focus On” retrospective of her work. As a writer, and director, she is known for work that explores “a female gaze” (across a nonbinary gender spectrum), frequently shining a light on subjects and people that are frequently marginalized. Recent documentary films include The Heat(2018); Derby Crazy Love(2014), The Mystery of Mazo de la Roche(2012) and Dish: Waitressing and the Art of Service(2010)
Director Maya GALLUS
Country Canada
Year 2018
Running Time 71min
Genre Documentary
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