The Guide
  • 그린파노라마
Synopsis In a little South-Moroccan village, a French young man arrives at Abdlhadi's restaurant, an empty place most of the time. Villagers are soon convinced: this man is writing the guidebook that will bring the tourists to their village. They have to make a good impression.
François HIEN 프랑수와 힌
After his studies at INSAS(Belgium), Francois HIEN became a documentary filmmaker. He directed Brice Guilbert, the Beautiful Age, Saint-Marcel - Seeing Everything and Nothing. In 2012, he set up the editing department in the film school of Ouarzazate(ISMC) in Morocco. In 2015, he completed two feature-length documentary films Kustavi and Kairos.
Director François HIEN
Country Belgium, Morocco
Year 2015
Running Time 24min
Genre Fiction
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