The Greening of Southie
내일을 위한 건축법
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Synopsis What happen when you're asked to build the city of tomorrow… today? Set on the storied streets of South Boston, THE GREENING OF SOUTHBIE is a feature documentary about Boston's first residential green building, and the men and women who set out to construct it. From wheatboard cabinetry to recycled steel, bamboo flooring to dual-flush toilets, The Macallen Building is something different - a leader in the emerging field of environmentally friendly design. But green building has its challenges, and the jobsite has its skeptics. And when things start to go wrong, a young developer has to keep the project from unraveling.
Funny and poignant, TEH GREENING OF SOUTHBIE is a story of bold ideas, new environmentalists, and the future of urban America. Soon to be broadcast on Sundance Channel's "The Green" and available now on DVD, THE GREENING OF SOUTHBIE is the centerpiece of Earth Week in the Union Halls, a campaign that will bring the film-and the national discussion about green jobs-to workers around the country. Anchor support for this effort is provided by the Fledgling
Ian Cheney 이언 체니
Director Ian Cheney
Country USA
Year 2008
Running Time 72'
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule