The Future of Flight
탄소저감비행 프로젝트
  • Climate Crisis, Climate Emergency, Climate Disaster
Synopsis Flying is bad for the climate. Yet passenger numbers are increasing year by year. How can we combine environmental protection and our need for mobility? Do we need new aircraft and new aviation fuels - or should we simply fly less? We want to find answers to these questions and ask aircraft manufacturers, scientists and transport experts about the future of aviation.
Larissa KLINKER 라리사 클링커
She is an author and director. After her studies of economics at Cologne and Paris, She trained as a video journalist at NDR, Arte, etc. Working as a freelancer, she directed lately Countryside: The North and the South.
Director Larissa KLINKER
Country Germany
Year 2020
Running Time 53min
Genre Documentary
  • Korean Premiere
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