The Fried Fish
물고기의 귀향
  • 지구의 아이들
Synopsis The fish is yearning to see the sea once again. He asks a cat, a mouse, a dog and a crow for help, one after another. They each eat a part of his flesh and carry him some distance down the path to the sea. But after a while, one by one, they put him down and leave. At the end, some ants throw the fish's skeleton into the sea. The fish happily swims away in the deep blue sea.
Leila KHALILZADEH 레일라 칼리자드
Leila KHALILZADEH(born on March 30, 1977 in Tehran) holds a master’s degree in cinema from Tehran University of Art. She has directed fiction, animation and documentary films. Leila KHALILZADEH has written a large number of articles on animation and children & adolescents movies for the magazine ‘Picture World’.
Director Leila KHALILZADEH
Country Iran
Year 2014
Running Time 11min
Genre Animation
Screening Schedule