The Fox of Shichigorosawa
시치고로사와의 여우
  • 동물과 함께 사는 세상
Synopsis Higashiyama in Hokkaido, the home of the foxes, has become an illegal dumping ground. The fox comes down for the mountains in search of food to feed her children, and comes upon a human village. She only finds that she is not the only one who’s after the food, and even the ground she needs to hide the food is contaminated. The reality where the animals are losing their shelters and food is expressed through woodprint style animation and sad melody the fox sings
SUGIHARA Tune 스기하라 튠
SUGIHARA works as a freelance animator and a scriptwriter since 1993, and during 2008-2014, she was a staff member of Asia-Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO(ACCU).
Director SUGIHARA Tune
Country Japan
Year 2014
Running Time 14min
Genre Animation
Screening Schedule