The Forest Dieback Generation
사라지는 숲의 세대
  • 그린파노라마
Synopsis The forest is dying! - For an entire German generation the forest dieback was the favorite theme and at any rate, the main reason for their politicization. From the naive point of view of a growing-up baby boomer, the documentary filmmaker Reinhard KUNGEL tells of the story from the innocent to the wild years of his childhood and youth. Forest decline, as the first major environmental challenge in the Federal Republic, has moved many minds sustainably and for so many baby-boomers it has marked the end of their youth.
Reinhard KUNGEL 라인하르트 쿤겔
Born in Plochingen, Germany in 1962. KUNGEL studied at the Stuttgart Print and Media University with the diploma in 1987. Since that time freelance film director, author, director of photography and producer.
Director Reinhard KUNGEL
Country Germany
Year 2014
Running Time 90min
Genre Documentary
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