The Food Guide to Love
푸드 가이드 투 러브
  • 그린파노라마
Synopsis Oliver Byrne’s multimedia column on fine eating and finding a soul mate has become the hottest read in town.However his personal love life is a complete mess. But when he meets Spanish art curator Bibiana, Oliver feels an
unlikely but undeniable attraction to her despite the fact they have nothing in common. She’s a kamikaze in love,
diving head first into impossible relationships, while he is terrified of commitment. Is this romance a recipe for
disaster, or has he finally found the ingredients for true love?
Teresa de PELEGRI, Dominic HARARI 테레사 드 펠레그리, 도미닉 하라리
Teresa de PELEGRI and Dominic HARARI have been collaborating in New York whilst studying for their Master’s degree in Film at Columbia University. As screenwriters, Teresa and Dominic have won various festival and critics’ awards, and have been nominated three times for Best Original and Adapted Screenplay to the Spanish Film Academy’s Goya Awards. And their most recent original screenplay, the thriller Face Blind, is in development in USA.
Director Teresa de PELEGRI, Dominic HARARI
Country Spain, Ireland, France
Year 2013
Running Time 91min
Genre Fiction
Screening Schedule