The Fish Tale
  • Dear Our Animal Friends
Program Note Meebo has been fascinated with fish since she was a child, always eager to learn more about them. Despite trying to pursue a career related to fish after graduating high school, her attempts were met with failure. Yet, even in the face of repeated failures and setbacks, her passion for fish only grew stronger. With the help of her friend Hiyo, Meebo lands a spot on a TV show. Sakana-kun, Meebo's inspiration, is well-known in Japan for his lectures, writings, and broadcasts about fish ecology, cooking methods, and marine ecosystems. Based on his autobiography, the film warmly follows Meebo’s journey toward her dreams and undergoes personal growth without giving up on her passions.
Shuichi Okita
Born in 1977. Debut with What a Wonderful World. The Chef of South Polar had both domestic and international acclaim. The Woodsman and the Rain won the Special Jury Prize at the Toronto International Film Festival 2000.
Director Shuichi Okita
Country Japan
Year 2022
Running Time 139min
Genre Fiction
  • Korean Premiere
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