The Field
더 필드
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Synopsis In the future present, a lonely farmer takes on working the fields once belong to his father. He installs huge robotic all-in-one machines that automatically treat the land. The farmer over-works the fields with his machines and fails to understand the reason for the suffering of his dying land. In a moment, he finds himself in front of a doorway to the past, which makes him realize his errors and reminds him of the old and simpler farming ways of his father.
Omer SASSON 오메르 사손
Omer is a graduated filmmaker. He co-owns a 3D animation production company that produces mainly short commercial animation films. He has directed several short fiction films that participated in film festivals. He worked as a cinematographer and editor in several fiction and documentaries productions. He teaches film editing in a known film-school in Israel.
Director Omer SASSON
Country Israel
Year 2015
Running Time 11min
Genre Fiction
Screening Schedule