The Fading Valley
사라지는 계곡
  • 국제환경영화경선
Synopsis "In the fertile Jordan Valley there is a group of Palestinian farmers who are hidden from the eye. Their pastures
have been declared military areas, their water wells have been closed up and the water has been diverted to the
Jewish residents of the valley. Without water there is no life – and agriculture is disappearing. Some have given
up and moved to the city. Others have been forced to work in the very settlements that have taken over their own
lands. This film bears witness to the lives of these farmers whose rights have been taken away and who have
become like illegal residents in their own land. These residents are quietly disappearing from the beautiful valley
which is the lowest valley in the world.
Irit GAL 이릿 갈
Irit GAL directed deals with violation of human rights and the impact of political conflicts on individuals. GAL directed films in the occupied Israeli territories, documented areas affected by natural disasters. Her films have been screened and won prizes in international film festivals. She was the head editor of numerous television programs and was the director of the documentary department of Telad.
Director Irit GAL
Country Israel
Year 2013
Running Time 54min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule