The Empire of Red Gold
토마토 제국
  • 에코 밥상으로의 초대
Synopsis The world’s most consumed vegetable has an untold story. The industrialization of the humble tomato preceded the globalized economy that was to follow. It is now as much of a commodity as wheat, rice, or petrol. The tomato’s ability to create strongly identifiable products, such as ketchup, pizza sauce, soups, sauces, drinks or frozen dishes is unbeatable. This film will trace the journey of tomato paste from Africa, Italy, China and America to show the consequences of this global business.
Jean-Baptiste MALLET, Xavier DELEU 장-밥티스트 말레, 자비에 들뢰
Jean-Baptiste MAlLET Jean-Baptiste MAlLET is the the author of two books and an investigative, full-length documentary film. His book about Amazon, In Amazonia – Undercover in the “best of worlds” (Fayard, 2013), was translated into Spanish and Italian, and is the winner of the High school award for economics and social sciences 2014. Xavier DELEU Director and director of photography, Xavier DELEU, 46 years old, has a Master's degree in history and a diploma from the prestigious journalism school, the Centre de Formation des Journalists. Author and director of many documentaries, he is now finishing two films.
Director Jean-Baptiste MALLET, Xavier DELEU
Country France
Year 2017
Running Time 54min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule