The Dead of Alos
사라진 마을, 알로스
  • 국제환경영화경선
Synopsis Antonio is the only survivor of a terrible disaster that, in 1964, hit Alos, a village in the centre of Sardinia, now a gloomy ghost village. He tells the circumstances that led to the tragedy. A mix between fiction and documentary, cinema and literature, the film uses a wide range of archive footages to narrate the fatal step towards “modernity” taken by a small community of Sardinian shepherds.
Daniele ATZENI 다니엘레 아트제니
Daniele ATZENI has a degree in direction at the University of Cinema and Television of Rome. After working for several years as assistant for directors and producers for films and television, starts to direct documentaries, paying particular attention to the world of workers and to recovery the historical memory.
Director Daniele ATZENI
Country Italy
Year 2011
Running Time 31’30”
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule