The Dark Side of Green Energies
다크 그린 에너지
  • Environmental, Social, and Governance
Synopsis Are electric cars, solar panels, wind turbines conserving earth’s resources and putting an end to pollution? Quite the contrary; these technologies rely on rare minerals and add pressure on their resources. Mining them releases radioactive substances and refining them needs thousands of gallons of water. Global leaders are aware of this. Why are they withholding the whole truth about green tech?
Jean-Louis PÉREZ 장루이 페레즈
Jean-Louis Pérez is a journalist, author, director, and producer.
Guillaume PITRON 기욤 피트롱
Guillaume Pitron is a French journalist and Documentary maker for France’s leading television channels.
Director Jean-Louis PÉREZ, Guillaume PITRON
Country France
Year 2020
Running Time 54min
Genre Documentary
  • Korean Premiere
Screening Schedule
  • DC12
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