The Cowboys of the Coffee
커피 농장의 카우보이
  • 그린파노라마
Synopsis “One cup of coffee in your country costs the same as a pound down here.” With that phrase, Ivan, a Colombian coffee farmer, opens the documentary The Cowboys of the Coffee. Two sympathetic farmers in the mountains of Colombia are being portrayed in this documentary while they tell their story as honest as the day is long. Larded with humor, they look back at how it used to be in the coffee industry.
Bram van LIESHOUT, Fleur LAUNSPACH 브람 반 리샤우트, 플뢰르 론스파치
Fleur LAUNSPACH and Bram van LIESHOUT met eachother during a master class on human rights journalism and decided they would be a perfect team to shoot a film in Colombia about the coffee crisis. Both passionate about Latin America, journalism and social issues, they managed to produce several films and article about inspiring Colombian stories.
Director Bram van LIESHOUT, Fleur LAUNSPACH
Country Colombia
Year 2013
Running Time 15min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule