The City in the Water
물속의 도시
  • 한국 환경영화의 흐름
Synopsis There's a man aged 93 years. He was born in the "City in the water" and lived there all his 90-plus years. You can see him always sitting under the zelkova tree beside the lake. However, he doesn't look at the beautiful lake. Instead, he looks the opposite side, where hills, walls and roads are. There's a quizzical eye of a man, observing him. One year passes. Seasons change. One day, the old man stares at a certain point in the lake, for the first as well as the last time. That was the location where the house he had been born in was. And he happens to get hospitalized soon afterwards. Then the exploration of the 'City in the water' began based on the old man's story.
KIM Eungsu 김응수
Born in Chungju and majored in psychology in Seoul National University. In 2006, sought to dissolve the movies' two-ways and borders while making Heavenly path, which explored the border between drama and documentary. The Past is a Strange Country (2008, documentary), The Origin of Water (2010, drama), Without Father (2012, documentary), and Woo-kyung (drama, being in the latter half production stage) are the results of that exploration. The City in the Water is the third documentary.
Director KIM Eungsu
Country Korea
Year 2014
Running Time 79min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule