The Child Who Draws an Octopus
문어를 그리는 아이
  • 지구의 아이들
Synopsis A school child Dong-joo likes to draw but nobody cares of her because of her poverty. Dong-joo draws an Octopus imagining it is her friend, family and who looks after her. One day, Dong-joo starts to like people by meeting a school security man by chance.
HAN Yeo-Ul 한여울
HAN graduated from Kaywon University of Art and Design, Dept. of Animation. In 2013, she directed a short film The Child Who Draws an Octopus which was showcased in Korean Shorts Competition at the 18th Busan Film Festival.
Director HAN Yeo-Ul
Country Korea
Year 2013
Running Time 11min
Genre Animation
Screening Schedule