The Black
더 블랙
  • 한국경쟁
Synopsis The National Intelligence Service (NIS) intervened with the 2012 presidential election, and the court has acquitted NIS. This documentary tracks the long process where a special team of prosecutors formed after the inauguration of PARK Geunhye administration discovering the truth under all kinds of external pressures and obstructions. This documentary also tracks the footsteps of the late LEE Namjong, who reminded us the NIS Intervention incident.
LEE Mario 이마리오
LEE Mario is a documentary director and media activist. He joined Seoul Visual Collective in 1998, learned how to produce documentaries and produced his/her works. He has planned and participated in joint projects related to social issues and worked in relation to independent movies. He moved to Gangneung to work at a media center in 2010 and has been engaged in a variety of media activities in Gangneung thereafter.
Director LEE Mario
Country Korea
Year 2018
Running Time 68min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule