The Bee Effect
  • 동물과 함께 사는 세상
Synopsis For millions of years insects have been pollinating plants, in exchange for nectar and pollen. This collaboration is a cornerstone in our existence and accounts for one third of all that we eat. In recent years there has been a dramatic reduction of pollinators, mainly due to pesticides, diseases and changes in the agricultural landscape. If this trend continues a large part of our food production is under threat, and life as we know it will look very different in the future. This film is a wake-up call about an environmental disaster happening right in front of our eyes. We get to meet scientists, farmers, beekeepers and bumblebee producers from USA, Spain, Slovakia and Sweden.
Tina-Marie QWIBERG 티나-마리 퀴버그
Tina-Marie Qwiberg is one of Sweden's most renowned directors and producers of TV documentaries, often with nature or the environment as subject. She has also produced and directed several children's programs.
Director Tina-Marie QWIBERG
Country Sweden
Year 2014
Running Time 59min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule