Striking Land
  • International Competition
  • The Passion of Mountain, Earth and Water
Program Note This film set in a Portuguese rural area is an anthem to land and labor. Music, dialogue and explanations are replaced by sounds of rain, animals, shovels and hoes evening the ground. And as the earth, plants and animals fill the screen, male and female farmers occasionally enter, but almost never walk into the center. Repetitive motions and sounds are absorbed by nature’s rhythms and humans are depicted only as pieces of it. The organic montages created through detailed examination offers a meditative experience that expresses the deep connection between humans and nature.
Raul Domingues
Raul Domingues (1991) has a degree in Sound and Image at the ESAD.CR. He works as a film editor. TERRA QUE MARCA premiere at Berlinale, have been shown in festivals and cinemas in Portugal.
Director Raul Domingues
Country Portugal
Year 2022
Running Time 65min
Genre Documentary
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NameTerratreme Filmes