Stop, Listen, Look
기차가 사라진 마을
  • 널리 보는 세상
Synopsis December of 1991.
A political decision closes half of a centenary railroad in Tua, between Braganca e Mirandela. Fifteen years later, the train's whistle only sounds in the memory of the habitants of Tras-os Montes. This sentence has impeded the road to development and has increased the differences between the Portuguese coastline and the Interior, thus transforming Portugal into the most centralized country of Western Europe. The elders resist and live in the desert villages, without any children. The lack of working opportunities and life in the countryside makes the younger ones in the villages to go out and look for better opportunities in other places. Now, the train that still chugs among pArts of the beautiful valley of Tua, is being threatened by a dam that will drown what is considered to be one of the top three most beautiful railroads of Europe.
Stop, Listen, Look is a voyage through a deeply forgotten Portugal, conducted by the sovereign voice of an outraged community, the greatest victim of broken promises by those who swore to defend the Land. Those left with the train, unpunished. The community stayed, isolated, in the only district of our country that does not even have one kilometer of a highway.
Jorge Pelicano 조제 페리카노
Director Jorge Pelicano
Country Portugal, Switzerland
Year 2009
Running Time 97'
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule