로드하우 섬의 기적
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Synopsis Sticky is a short animated documentary telling the astonishing true story of the stick insects from Lord Howe Island. In 1918 rats were accidentally introduced to the island and quickly munched their way through the entire stick insect population. Within a few years the insects were extinct. Or were they?
Jilli ROSE 질리 로즈
After brief careers as a croupier, archaeologist and printing press assistant, Jilli ROSE learned how to animate and has been gleefully making things move ever since. She released her first short, Predator!!! in April 2012 and Sticky in 2013. Her ambition is to learn to tell her stories so well that people smile even on days when they think they have no smile in them.
Director Jilli ROSE
Country Australia
Year 2013
Running Time 20min
Genre Animation
Screening Schedule