Stand Along Zone
  • 그린 파노라마
Synopsis Following the demolition of the Yeung kei village, located in downtown Guangzhou (China), which becomes a construction zone between construction and destruction. Somes houses remains today visible in this vast brownfield site. This is now the source of many wonderful memories stories. It holds the secret of the world. A young man throws stones at the face area and tries to trigger a vibration of the world until his physical exhaustion, somewhere, a fantomatical woman who stand in the shadow observes the distance with binoculars. A gesture rooted in a ratio of inner struggle, played between the body and the architecture, modernity and ruin, a gesture sensitive to reactivate a link with that which he is real.
Huang Zhenqian 황 쩐치엔
Director Huang Zhenqian
Country France
Year 2012
Running Time 13'54"
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule