Staff Entrance
직원 외 출입금지
  • 국제환경영화경선
Synopsis The gloomy dawns announce a new day, redoing the exact same pitiful gestures, ruthlessly confirm the contrary to the deliberately forgetful of the slaughter of beings. Bleak choreography of industrial slaughterhouses: cutting, emptying, loading, etc., an austere gymnastics in which disappears, a digit here, a muscle there, all their bodies and their night of impossible rest, haunted by nightmares. In echo, orderly and hurried procession of imposing remains, methodically disemboweled carcasses, labelled poultry, pink meat sliced to the millimeter. On the voiceover, follow quickly stories one-by-one but with multiple voices: the high turnover of the employees, productivity, bruises, pains and the accepted inevitability of few years to live in “retirement.” In the factory, the camera becomes a terribly efficient, oiled machine. Outside the factory, it becomes almost stiff. What outside?
Manuela FRÉSIL 마누엘라 프레실
After philosophical studies, Manuela FRÉSIL worked as an editing assistant for a legendary filmmaker Jean ROUCH. She integrated the FEMIS, editing section, in 1989. Her main works as a director are Les Nuits de la Prefecture (2010), Si Loin des Bêtes(2005), Terre Neuva (1994).
Director Manuela FRÉSIL
Country France
Year 2011
Running Time 59'
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule