Spread Your Wings
아름다운 여행
  • The Playground Named Earth
Synopsis Thomas, a teenage boy living in Paris, spends a summer holiday with his ornithologist father on a farm in southern France. One day, Thomas comes across a flock of newborn wild geese and grows attached to them. Together, the father and the son guide them all the way to Norway along safe migration routes. Despite dangers posed by government interference, Thomas and the family of geese spread their wings to embark upon a great journey across Europe.
Nicolas VANIER 니콜라 바니에
Born in Senegal in 1962, he grew up on a farm belonging to his grandfather in France where he developed his feeling for the ecology of nature and his love for animals.
Director Nicolas VANIER
Country France
Year 2019
Running Time 113min
Genre Fiction
Screening Schedule
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NameMediasoft Films
Tel(+82) 7041332957