• 그린파노라마
Synopsis The Executive is late in traveling to a contentious meeting with the press and company shareholders. The student is anxious to round up her colleagues and get to the coastline to protect the local wildlife. The soccer mom makes a desperate dash for a big box store while forgetting to pick up her daughter from soccer practice. All three characters, from very different walks of life, are on a collision course with each other and the inescapable truth that continues toelude humanity to this day.
Hugh John MURRAY 휴 존 머레이
He is an independent director, producer and editor based in Montreal. As a video artist and VJ, he has performed internationally and has created video installations with dancers in both Canada and Europe. He is currently directing a documentary for CBC /CANAL D.
Director Hugh John MURRAY
Country Canada
Year 2013
Running Time 10min
Genre Fiction
Screening Schedule