Soylent Green
소일렌트 그린
  • Eco Apocalypse Now
Synopsis Soylent Green envisions 2022 as such: Earth is struck with a catastrophe due to climate change. Overpopulation and lack of food has society on the edge of collapse and people receive rations of ‘Soylent’, a synthetic food, to survive. In a society with drastically divided ranks, the civil rights of women and other weaker groups are almost non-existent. Massive conglomerates wield power that overshadows the government and only 1% of the entire population enjoy the luxury of a pleasant life. A refreshing premise that the spread of digital media couldn’t be predicted and ‘human books’ were active, and the way women are objectified display the limitations of the era, but it is seen in a new light in the sense that it made an accurate prediction of the main issue of an environmental disaster.
Richard FLEISCHER 리처드 플레이셔
With a career spanning more than 4 decades and over 45 films, his rich, diverse filmography includes an astonishing range material from film noir to musicals to westerns, science fiction, historical drama and everything in between.
Director Richard FLEISCHER
Country USA
Year 1973
Running Time 97min
Genre Fiction
Screening Schedule
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NamePark Circus