Sound of Wind Passing Through
바람이 지나가는 소리
  • 한국 환경영화의 흐름 - 단편
Synopsis Which daldongne(a deprived area on the hillside) in Seoul, demolition work is under way. Young-hee plays alone in empty house, friends gone. On a quiet afternoon, Young-hee meets a man who hands out some paper. She holds the back hem of his clothes because she wants to get the paper, too. And then she points to the paper to a smiley face. He holds the paper written by "Demolition notification". He was tired already to go up many stairs. He said “Give this paper to your mother” after give the paper to Yong-hee. She goes up stairs to give to her mom without knowing why ……
Ryu Mu-seon 류무선
Director Ryu Mu-seon
Country Korea
Year 2009
Running Time 8'17''
Genre Animation
Screening Schedule