• 한국경쟁
Synopsis On April 26th, 2017, Soseongri’s peace was destroyed when the THAAD anti-missile system was deployed with the police forcing their units in as U.S. forces sarcastically watched. Contrary to its primary purpose to stop war, THAAD turned Soseongri into a war zone. To this day, the villagers of Soseongri continue laying themselves on the asphalted roads in their struggle to defend their lives.
PARK Baeil 박배일
Currently working at Ozifilm, PARK Baeil began his film career with documentary Just Their Christmas (2007) which examines the life of an old lady living next door. As he dreams of a world where laborers, women and the physically-challenged are not discriminated, he continues making documentaries.
Director PARK Baeil
Country Korea
Year 2017
Running Time 87min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule