Sorrow Unknown
알 수 없는 슬픔이 있어
  • 한국 환경영화의 흐름
Synopsis Myung-Hee lives in an area in the middle of being redeveloped. The town is almost all deserted and destroyed. After missing a few days of school, her teacher asks Shin-Ae, living in the same area, to visit her. Shin-Ae finds Myung-Hee having struggling her way through the demolition. Aren't the people living here human beings too?
RYU Mu-Seon 류무선
RYU completed Communication Design course at Zero One Design Center of Kookmin University. From 1998, he worked for an animation company outsourcing to Japan and USA and then, he produced animation, Sound of Wind Passing Through, supported by SBA in2008 and produced short animation, Sorrow Unknown in 2014. Since 2009, he is the manager of the Pollalla Museum.
Director RYU Mu-Seon
Country Korea
Year 2014
Running Time 15min
Genre Animation
Screening Schedule