Song of the Sea
바다의 노래:벤과 셀키요정의 비밀
  • 에코그라운드
Synopsis A young boy, Ben lives near a seaside lighthouse. His mother who used to sing beautiful lullabyes for him suddenly disappears after she gives birth to his sister, Saoirse. For years, Saoirse is unable to speak until one day, she blows on her mother’s triton shell, and then drawn into the sea as if she’s bewitched to experience a magical adventure with a seal. Fearful of losing his daughter as well, Ben’s father sends his two children off to the city to be with their grandmother. But Ben and Saoirse set off on a journey to return to their home.
Tomm MOORE 톰 무어
Born in Northern Ireland, Tomm MOORE studied classic animation at the Ballyfermot College in Dublin. He co-founded animation studio, Cartoon Saloon where he wrote produced and directed his animated short film. His second feature animated film, Song of the Sea was nominated for Best Animated Feature Film at the 2015 Academy Awards.
Director Tomm MOORE
Country Ireland/Denmark/Belgium/Luxembourg/France
Year 2014
Running Time 93min
Genre Animation
Screening Schedule