Song of a Jellyfish
해파리의 노래
  • 한국 환경영화의 흐름
Synopsis Dr. LEE Tae-ho, an ordinary breadwinner of the family who works at a university water quality lab is not too happy about a visit from his university friend and journalist, KANG Chul-soo. During the eighties, they were comrades who spent their university days as ardent student activists. But now that’s all history. Chul-soo wants to run a report on Tae-ho’s dissertation on the Four Major Rivers Restoration Project, but Tae-ho is hesitant about becoming a whistleblower. Tae-ho wavers between his conscience and the constraints of reality. His peaceful life is slowly destroyed.
WHANG Cheol-mean 황철민
He graduated from German Film Academy (dffb). His graduation film, Fuck Hamlet (1997) was screened at Berlin Film Festival. His works include Spying Cam (2004), Morning Glory (2012), Oldmen Never Die (2013) and Jung Jo-mun’s Pot (2015) which won several awards at numerous film festivals.
Director WHANG Cheol-mean
Country Korea
Year 2016
Running Time 93min
Genre Fiction
Screening Schedule