• Eco Apocalypse Now
Synopsis Earth is frozen solid by extreme climate change that resulted from an attempt to prevent global warming. A train designed to be self-sufficient in terms of providing heat and food that runs infinitely on an orbital track plows through snowy fields. The train carrying the last survivors on Earth has a social class system with heightened inequality and the passengers in the last car who have been oppressed as the lowest class of this bizarre society for years finally start a riot. Snowpiercer demonstrates director BONG Joon-ho’s interest in the environment along with The Host and Okja and conveys a message of a subversion of a system through a unique post-apocalyptic world view.
Bong Joon-ho 봉준호
He is one of the most acclaimed directors currently in the Korean movie industry. He directed Memories of Murder(2003), The Host(2006), Okja(2017), and Parasite(2019).
Director Bong Joon-ho
Country Korea
Year 2013
Running Time 126min
Genre Fiction
Screening Schedule
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