Snake Dance
  • 국제환경영화경선
Synopsis The British writer Patrick MARNHAM and the Belgian filmmaker Manu RICHE use a powerful choreography of words and images to construct a suspenseful, interwoven account of the invention of the first weapon of mass destruction. The knowledge needed to build the atomic bomb was not given to us, it was consciously pursued. And the world has been living with the consequences ever since. Neither wholly documentary nor work of fiction, Snake Dance is a stirring personal reading of humankind’s catastrophic decision to play God. Visually poetic and historically insightful, Snake Dance explores the atomic legacy and the indelible stamp it has left on the world. Snake Dance throws this eloquent analysis into the debate of a post-nuclear age.
Manu RICHE, Patrick MARNHAM 마누 리셰, 패트릭 만함
Manu RICHE started his career in theatre. He then made a move to television documentary and was an early contributor to the cinéma vérité documentary magazine Strip-Tease produced by Belgian TV. Patrick MARNHAM is a journalist, biographer and writer of travel book. As a journalist, he has written for The Times, Daily Telegraph, Guardian and The Observer among others.
Director Manu RICHE, Patrick MARNHAM
Country Belgium, Ireland, Netherlands
Year 2012
Running Time 77’15”
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule