Slums: Cities of Tomorrow
슬럼: 미래의 도시
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Synopsis The word, ‘slum’ means the worst, most deprived and unhappiest community. But the actual lives in slums are not always as the word describes. Slums always existed through the history of the cities, and today, one person in six lives in a slum, a squat, or any other precarious dwelling. Governments consider these to be problems and try to eradicate them by building public housing, but most citizens refuse to live in environments that fail to address their reality. Exploring the slums around the biggest cities such as New York, Paris and Bangalore, the film says denying the slums means denying the cities. It suggests today’s industrialized cities to notice the beauty and value of community form the slums and to seek the possibility of co-existence.
Jean-Nicolas ORHON 장-니콜라스 오론
Jean-Nicolas is a writer and director in both documentary and fiction film. In 2012, he directed Les Nuits de la poésie, a feature length documentary celebrating Quebec poets from 1970 to the present. His most recent documentary, Slums: Cities of Tomorrow, has been premiered at Montreal Documentary Festival in 2013.
Director Jean-Nicolas ORHON
Country Canada
Year 2013
Running Time 82min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule