Sisters: The Summer We Found Our Superpowers
토토리! 우리 둘만의 여름
  • The Playground Named Earth
Synopsis Vega and Billie are on a camping trip in the woods. Unlike the 5-year old Billie who’s fascinated with everything, 9-year old Vega, mature for her age follows her hospitalized mother’s request and takes care of her dad and sister. When her father falls through the boulders, Vega attempts to save him but gets lost in the woods. She’s about to give up when she recalls her mother’s words, “Are you going to give up? Or become a superhero?” Shout out the magic spell to awake the superpowers in you! “Tottori!”
Arild Østin OMMUNDSEN 아릴 외스틴 옴문센
He debuted in feature films with comedy hit Mongoland in 2001 and has been appreciated as one of the most interesting auteurs in Scandinavia.
Silje SALOMONSEN 실리에 살로몬센
She is a debut director, and has a background in acting.
Director Arild Østin OMMUNDSEN, Silje SALOMONSEN
Country Norway
Year 2020
Running Time 79min
Genre Fiction
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NameAK Entertainment
Tel+82 263320092