Sing Me a Song
라야의 어린 스님
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  • International Competition
Synopsis Laya, a mountain village 4,000 meters above sea level, is the last place where electricity and the Internet were supplied throughout Bhutan. A sincere and pure 8-year-old young monk, Peyangki is full of expectations that he will be happier if electricity comes into his village in the future. Ten years later, the use of satellite TV and smartphones became common in Laya. Peyangki, who is now a teenager, often fails to let go of his smartphone and does not focus on prayer, just like other monks in the monastery. After dating Ugyen through an Internet chat app, who lives in the capital city of Thimphu, he saves money to abandon his life as a monk and leaves to meet his girlfriend.
Although Bhutan is known for its policy of considering people's happiness index ahead of per capita income, clean environment of the Himalayas and clean soil where all crops are grown organically, crimes such as violence and drugs have soared since the introduction of TV and the Internet. Sing Me a Song takes a look at Peyangki's unpredictable journey to see how we perceive the environment and relate with others in an era of unprecedented link and connectivity.
Thomas BALMÈS 토마 발메스
He has been working as an independent director and producer since 1992. His film Babies (2010) was released theatrically worldwide to much success. His next film Happiness (2013), which introduced audiences to Peyangki and his village of Laya in Bhutan, won the Documentary World Cinema Cinematography Award at the Sundance Film Festival.
Director Thomas BALMÈS
Country France, Germany, Switzerland
Year 2019
Running Time 96min
Genre Documentary
  • Korean Premiere
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