Shyamal Uncle Turns off the Lights
샤말 아저씨, 가로등을 끄다
  • 국제환경영화경선
Synopsis This film is based on a true story and demonstrates the director’s innate ability to portrait the modern Indian society like he has done with his previous works. Shyamal, an old man discovers a streetlight in his village is turned on even during the day and believes that such waste can eventually lead to the loss of the entire country, and embarks on the journey to turn off the streetlight. Far from his expecting to solve easily, what awaits Shyamal is a long unexpected journey. Although Shyamal’s patience reaches its limit as he is passed around from one government office to another, he refuses to give up and eventually ends up persuading the people around him to his argument. A trivial matter that reaches miraculous heights of significance, the turning on and off of all streetlights in Shyamal’s region finally becomes automatic.
Suman GHOSH 수만 고쉬
Suman GOSH is a professor of economics and a director. His first film, Amartya Sen: ALife Reexamined is about the life and work of the only living Nobel Laureate from India. In 2011 he completed his third feature film Nobel Thief, which had a world premiere at the Busan Film Festival and was an official selection for BFI London Film Festival 2011. It won the Best Film Award at the Chitrabharathi Competition section of 2011 Bengaluru Film Festival.
Director Suman GHOSH
Country India
Year 2012
Running Time 65'
Genre Fiction
Screening Schedule