배들의 무덤
  • 널리 보는 세상-그린 아시아
Synopsis At Alang, in India, on a six-mile stretch of oily, smoky beach, 40,000 migrant workers tear apart, literally by hand, half of the world's discarded ships. This is one of the most dangerous industrial sites in the world. Every ship is a sump of toxic waste. If workers aren't killed on the job from explosions or falling objects, exposure to toxic waste, for many, will result in long-term illness or early death. The environmental impact has been devastating. Environmental and Human Rights organizations are outraged. Yet ship breaking has become a booming business for a few privileged ship-yard owners in less developed countries such as India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.
Ralph VITUCCIO, Paul GOODMAN, Tom CLANCE 랄프 비투치오, 폴 굿맨, 톰 클랜시
Ralph VITUCCIO is an Independent Filmmaker and Interactive Media creator. His media work has received several communication and media awards. An outstanding educator, Paul GOODMAN used video as a powerful tool to help students understand the changing nature of work. Tom CLANCEY has shot numerous independent features, documentaries, commercials and music videos. Recent projects include additional photography on Universal’s latest Fast and the Furious installment Fast Five."
Country China, India, USA
Year 2013
Running Time 60min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule