Secret Zoo
  • Coexistence, Paradise for Every Life
Synopsis Attorney-at-law Tae-soo dreams of one day landing a permanent position at a renowned law firm. He's given a special job to revitalize a failing zoo. The problem is there aren't any animals... But with the zookeepers' help, he comes up with a brilliant idea: One by one, the zookeepers put on animal suits and masks and become polar bears, tigers, gorillas, sloths! The zoo with fake animals makes a massive hit, and Tae-soo can now go back to the law firm with a permanent job. But before he leaves the zoo, he finds out what his law firm was planning with the zoo...
SON Jae-gon 손재곤
Born in 1972. He graduated from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. He directed his debut film My Scary Girl in 2006, and then directed Villain & Widow (2010) and Secret Zoo.
Director SON Jae-gon
Country Korea
Year 2019
Running Time 118min
Genre Fiction
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