Sealers - One Last Hunt
마지막 물개 사냥꾼
  • 포커스-새로운 환경 운동을 위하여
Synopsis Ocean, ice and bitter cold in a seemingly untouched corner of the world. Until now this has been an annual ritual for the obstinate, ageing skipperBjørne and his first mate Espen. In the beginning of the 20th century, more than 200 Norwegian sealing vessels were active, now there’s only one
ship left. International condemnation and the EU ban on all imports of seal products has almost wiped out the industry. But the skipper and his first
mate refuse to give in.
Trude Berge OTTERSEN, Gry Elisabeth MORTENSEN 트루다 바르게 오테슨, 기리 엘리사벳 모테슨
Gry Elisabeth MORTENSEN grew up on a diet consisting of whale meat and codfish, on a barren island in Arctic Norway. Trude Berge OTTERSEN is a domestic southerner from a farming family. Together they are Koko Film. They are both educated within anthropological filmmaking, and make films with a relevant and captivating story.
Director Trude Berge OTTERSEN, Gry Elisabeth MORTENSEN
Country Norway
Year 2016
Running Time 98min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule